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October 28th: Tjili Pop,  Copenhagen

October 23rd: TBA

September 12th: House of Noise Festival, Copenhagen

September 4th: Aarhus Festuge

August 21st: Køge

August 1st: Viborg

July 31st: Espergærde

July 18th: Sillebroen, Frederikssund (4 shows)

July 4th: Grindsted Handelsforening (3 shows)

June 13th, Havefest’ival, Rask Mølle (cancelled)

May 29th: Sillebroen, Frederikssund (4 shows)

March 29th: Sillebroen, Frederikssund (cancelled)

March 25th: Fairbar, Aarhus (online)

March 18th: Tjili Pop, Copenhagen (cancelled)

January 12th: private event, Middelfart

January 11th: private event, Hobro


November 7th: Iceland Airwaves

October 29th: Spil Dansk, Odense Musikbibliotek

October 12th: Æbledag, Middelfart (2 shows)

October 4th: Late Night, Horsens (4 shows)

September 3rd: Facebook Live

August 30th: Open By Night Skibhusvej

August 30th: Aarhus Festuge (event cancelled)

August 24th: H.C. Andersen Festival

August 17th: Toftegaardsfestivalen

July 27th: (private event)

June 17th: Aarhus Havn

June 14th: Pure Festival (festival cancelled)

June 2nd: Grønløkkegaard Loppemarked

May 30th: Aarhus Havn

May 24th: Odense Havnekulturfestival

May 19th: Sydfynske Syrendage

May 2nd: OFF SPOT showcase, Aarhus

April 13th: Record Store Day, Moby Disc, Odense

April 6th: Kansas City, Odense (supporting Alcabean)

February 16th: Fairbar, Aarhus

February 6th: Typsy Crow, Delhi India (impromptu gig)

February 2nd: Charly's Pub, Vejle

February 1st: Boldts Bar, Haderslev

January 31st: Gyngen, Aarhus

January 30th: Mellemrummet, Copenhagen

January 23rd: Posten, Odense

January 11th: Bygningen, Vejle (Quasar Live)


December 1st: Plader & Pebernødder, Borgernes Hus

November 23rd: ReSpin, Herning

November 1st: Spil Dansk Dagen, Vollsmose Bibliotek

October 27th: Sound, Fiolstræde Copenhagen

October 27th: Accord, Vesterbrogade Copenhagen

October 26th: Vinylfreak, Roskilde

October 26th: Candy Records, Køge

October 19th: Glad Samler Records, Villestofte

September 21st: Beerbox, Odense

August 24th: Kolding Kulturnat

August 14th: Hotel SP34 (cancelled)

August 11th: Garagefæst, Odense

July 18th: Samsø Festival

July 14th: Sofar In The Park, Odense

July 6th: Regisses Spire, Frørup

June 2nd: Pure Festival

May 26th: Odense Havnekulturfestival

May 19th: Håstival, Håstrup

May 4th: Roskilde Unplugged, Gimle

April 27th: Von Hatten, Randers

April 21st: Fatter Eskil, Aarhus

April 20th: Kansas City, Odense

April 19th: Raahuset, Copenhagen

April 13th: Loppen, Copenhagen (supporting Sunflower Bean)

April 10th: Studenterhus Odense (supporting Tim Schou)

April 3rd: Godset, Kolding

March 24th: Quasar, Haderslev

March 17th: The Upper Hill, Slagelse

March 3rd: Byens Scene, Odeon, Odense


September 17th: Rethink Activism Folkefestival, Aarhus

September 3rd: Bar Sloneczny, Gdansk (POL)

September 2nd: Pusis, Alytus (LIT)

September 1st: Pikne Baar, Tallinn (EST)

August 31st: Fish Fabrique Nouvelle, Skt. Petersburg (RUS)

August 30th: Svoboda, Moscow (RUS)

July 28th: Studenterhuset, Odense

July 7th: Regisses Spire, Frørup

June 7th: Boogies Unplugged, Odense

June 3rd: Håstival, Håstrup

May 20th: Grøn Fest, Horsens

May 17th: Gimle, Roskilde

May 11th: FG Musikfestival, Fredericia

April 21st: Café Gaya, Aarhus

(all shows in Denmark unless otherwise stated)

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